The coral feeding revolution has begun!

The coral feeding revolution is here!

Feed your coral like never before

Coral Sprint is a highly nutritious powdered food that can be used to feed SPS, LPS, and Azoox coral. It contains a collection of beneficial nutrients and proteins which until now, was only found in nature.

Coral Sprint is the first product on the market to take the special nutrients found in nature and successfully turn it into an available food source for your coral.

Bacterial cells and volatile proteins: The perfect mix

Coral Sprint is the first product to utilize volatile proteins, bacterial cells, and special nutrients as a food source. This selection of proteins and fats are commonly available in nature, but not in enclosed aquariums.

In nature, corals are constantly surrounded by these beneficial nutrients, yet in enclosed systems, the supply is scarce. We’ve studied the effects of this missing link in our aquarium and found a way to provide corals with key beneficial nutrients without the risk of increasing NO3 and PO4.

Perfect for any coral

Coral Sprint is much finer than the usual coral food. For this reason, all types of coral will greatly benefit from the nutritional value only CS can provide.

Product sizes and availability

Coral Sprint is available in various sizes and will be premiering at MACNA New Orleans the weekend of August 25, 2017!

  • 100ml
  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 2000ml