Zeo-Light Start Set


All you need to get started with the Zeo-Light system is included in our Zeo-Light Start Set. For best results, we recommend implementing an automatic Zeolite reactor such as our ZeoMatic 2 reactors.

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The Zeolight starter kit provides a complete kit to maintain an ULNS in a reef tank. By allowing your corals to become the primary consumers of nutrients, your corals will grow much faster and become healthier.

Zeolight Starter Kit includes
  • 1x Zeolight 1000ml
  • 1x Carb L 1000ml
  • 1x Reef Vitality 60cps
  • 1x Ultra Min S 100ml
  • 1x Color Elements set 250ml
  • 1x Coral Balance 250ml
For more information on the Zeo-Light Method, please visit these pages