Ultra Trace B 3: Health Elements


Micro and Trace elements serve as a balancing solution for the Balling Light and Classic Method. The addition of trace elements to the Balling salts represents a complete primary care system.

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Product Description

Fauna Marin Trace B elements consists of high-purity chemicals that provide your corals with the necessary elements to improve growth, coloration, and polyp extension. It should be used with the Balling Light Method or Classic Balling Light method.

Ultra Trace B Elements set consists of
  1. Strontium-Barium complex
  2. Heavy metal complex
  3. Iodine-Fluorine complex
Mixing instructions

When adding liquids to the appropriate containers, shake well. Please refer to the dosage recommendations and Balling Light Method instruction manual!

Trace B elements are not suitable for dosing directly into the aquarium!

  • Mix 500g CARBONATE-MIX with 4 Liters of RO water, then fill it up to 5 Liter with RO water.
  • Add 25 ml of Ultra Trace B Health Elements (3) – Iodine/flour complex to the 5 L Carbonate (Alkalinity) canister

Potassium, Sodium Fluor, Iodine, Bromine, stabilizers. Based on inorganic compounds.

Safety precautions

Keep product away from children. Not for human consumption. Do not inhale dust and avoid contact with skin and eyes. Can cause serious eye irritation if contact is made.

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250ml, 500ml