Ultra Reef Fix




Reef Fix makes it possible to aquascape your aquarium like never before! Create more unique aquascapes with overhangs and larger caves with our easy-to-use coral cement. Reef Fix can also be used to safely mount corals in an overhanging position.

Coral farmers and enthusiasts can even use Reef Fix to make their own frag rocks!

Reef Fix is 100% safe for all tank inhabitants and can be used underwater. It is extremely pure and free of harmful trace elements and heavy metals. It has been tested on our own coral breeding facility and the results speak for themselves..

Create the aquascape you’ve always wanted with Fauna Marin Reef Fix!

Reef Fix – Coral Cement Overview
  • Create your own frag rocks when you mix with sand
  • The perfect coral adhesive for SPS and LPS branches
  • Allows for mounting on glass
  • Promotes increased growth of coral offshoots
  • Contains a special blend for rapid colonization by corals and coralline algae tissues
  • Bonds and cures underwater
  • Adheres strongly underwater and hardens in a very short time
  • Contains no heavy metals, free of chromates, and silicates

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1000ml, 500ml