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Ultra Min is a vitamin solution formulated to assist in the recovery of stressed and weakened animals after import or disease. Due to its special formula it is taken up extremely fast and rebuilds the coral’s mucus membrane. It is also a highly nutritious supplement when used to soak fish food.

Ultra Min can be used as a short-term coral bath or as a supplement for quarantine or primary systems.

Dosage (In-tank)
  • Ultra Min should be dosed daily if used as a supplement. You may dose using either a syringe or dosing pump.
  • 3 – 5 ml per 250 US gal
  • Dosage amount will depend on nutrient concentration so please make any changes slowly.
Dosage (As a bath for fishes and corals)
  • 20 ml / 1 Liter (Duration of Bath 3 – 4 hours)
Dosage (As a bath for Clams)
  • 30 ml / 1 Liter (Duration of Bath 5 – 6 hours)
Dosage (For pellet food supplementation)
  • Soak pellet food or frozen food with several drops

Water, Glucose monohydrate, Calcium chloride, Magnesium sulfate, Potassium chloride, Sodium acetate, L-Arginine chloride, Histidine hydrochloride, D-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, DL-Tryptophane, DL-Valine, Thiamine chloride 100ml/L, Nicotinamide 1500 mg/L, Riboflavine 40 mg/L, Dexpanthenol, Pridoxin hydrochloride 100 mg, Cyanococobalamin, Natriummethyl4hydroxybenzoate, Phenole, and others.

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