LPS Grow and Color (L)


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Ultra LPS Grow and Color contains natural plankton and special proteins which makes up the formula for success.

Fauna Marin LPS food was created especially for keeping coloured LPS corals and other AZOOX corals. LPS pellets provide a high quality food source made from the finest natural ingredients. It is a unique mix of marine biopolymers, fatty acids, raw marine oils, and rare marine proteins.

Perfect for all kinds of LPS coral
  • Euphyllia
  • Trachyphyllia
  • Acanthrophyllia
  • Fungia
  • Acanthastrea
  • Duncans, Scolys, and more…
  • Increased growth rate
  • Healthier coral skeletal formation
  • Improved coloration
  • Increase disease resistance
  • Increased polyp size
Feeding Recommendation
  • Spot feed corals 2x/week. Shutdown your pumps and place one pellet by polyp to each coral.

Proteins 75%, carbohydrates 12%, fats 8%, Marine marine proteins, lipids,
Omega-3 fatty-acids, marine oils, antioxidants, Trace elements, Marine organic elements



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100ml, 250ml