Ultra Easy K Concentrate



Ultra Easy K is an essential concentrated potassium mix made for SPS coral. Reefs with stable potassium results in more saturated color colors; depleted levels usually result in pale dry-like coral, starting with Montipora.

With Ultra EASY element solutions you have an easy and affordable solution to dosing necessary elements in your reef tank.

Dosage Recommendation
  • Dose 1 ml per 25 US gal to increase Potassium by 3.5 mg
  • Dose 1ml per 26 US gal to increase Potassium by 90 mg
  • Do not increase Potassium level by more than 40 mg per day
Recommended Potassium level
  • 350 – 400 mg/Liter

Please read the instructions very carefully and make sure that the solutions are kept out of reach from pets and children. Check the necessary amounts to dose before each use and do not overdose. Although this technique is very gentle, an overdose may kill corals.