Soft Clownfish Food (M)


Standalone food for marine ornamental fish.Fauna Marin Soft Clownfish Food is perfect for strengthening coloration and growth of all clownfishes and damsels in reef tanks.

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Fauna Marin Ultra Soft Clownfish Food is as close to natural food as you can get for fishes. Specially developed for clownfishes and damsels, our food contains high-quality marine proteins, vitamins, Omega 3-6 fatty acids, as well as over 1400 mg of astaxanthin for increasing the contrast and white bands of clownfishes.

Soft Clownfish Food is also suitable for other reef fish.

Regular feeding will strengthen coloration and disease resistance. Contains no unnecessary fillers and is therefore very effective.

Soft Clownfish Fish is the preferred product of many professional Clownfish breeders in the USA. Many use our food for their broodstockfishes and grow out stations.


  •  Immediately consumed it due to its resemblance to natural food
  •  All fishes will have more vibrant colors
  •  All fishes will have improved disease resistance
  •  Contains no unnecessary fillers and is therefore very effective.

Feeding recommendation

  • Feed Ultra Soft Clownfish Food in small portions. Only feed as as much as the fish can eat in 2 min.



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