Soft Clownfish Food

Soft Clownfish Food (L)


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Fauna Marin Ultra Soft Clownfish Food is specially developed for clownfishes and damsels. Our food contains high-quality marine proteins, vitamins, Omega 3-6 fatty acids, as well as over 1400 mg of astaxanthin.

  •  Immediately consumed it due to its resemblance to natural food
  •  All fishes will have more vibrant colors
  •  All fishes will have improved disease resistance
  •  Contains no unnecessary fillers and is therefore very effective.
Feeding recommendation
  • Feed Ultra Soft Clownfish Food in small portions. Only feed as as much as the fish can eat in 2 min.

Ultra Soft Clownfish Food is used by many professional Clownfish breeders in the USA. It is widely used for their broodstock fishes and grow out stations.



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