Professional Sea Salt 20kg


Professional Sea Salt contains all of the important macro and trace elements in the correct relative amounts that reflect as closely as possible the mix that occurs in natural seawater, and provides your corals with all the essential minerals in bioactive form.

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Developed for hardcore reefers and professionals

When only the best will do, Fauna Marin Professional Sea Salt delivers.

Professional Sea Salt was designed to the highest degree of quality and consistency. Made from the purist form of pharmaceutical salts, Professional Sea Salt was made for coral breeders and aquarists who maintain their aquariums to professional standards. As a well-balanced sea salt, it gives you the best results when used in conjunction with any modern filtration system.

Professional Sea Salt contains all of the important macro and trace elements in the correct proportions that closely mimic the conditions of natural seawater.

Independently tested and SRL-certified 

Every batch of Professional Sea Salt is must undergo strict quality control testing before receiving our stamp of approval. With our state-of-the-art Sea Water Research Laboratory, we utilize the latest in lab testing instruments to ensure that every box meets our expectations for a well-balanced salt. 

Mixes clear and fast

Professional Sea Salt is as clean of a salt as it gets. No clay compounds, no binders, no junk.

Every batch mixes crystal clear and is safe to use in a matter of minutes.

Professional Sea Salt delivers the results you want

Each batch contains the following average values:

Magnesium: 1250 – 1340 mg/l
Calcium: 410 – 440 mg/l
Pottassium: 380 – 400 mg/l
Natrium: 10.300 – 10.700 mg/l
Chloride: 19.100 – 19.800 mg/l
Sulphate: 2650 – 2750 mg/l
Alkalinity: 8.0–8.5°dkH
pH-value: 8.0–8.4
Strontium: 7.0–9.0 mg/l

*** 20kg box mixes up to 130 US gal @ 1.026 SG

Mixing instructions

Mix 38.5 – 39.5 grams of Fauna Marin Professional Sea Salt per liter of water.

(USA instructions)

Mix 145.7 – 149.5 grams of Fauna Marin Professional Sea Salt per US gallon of water.

Usage recommendation

Dissolve the measured quantity of Professional Sea Salt in a clean container, stirring evenly all the time.

To speed up the dissolving process, add 100 ml mineral water (sparkling) for each 100 l seawater.


You can use the water once it is clear and the salt content has been checked.

Approx. 38,5 – 39,5 g salt is required to reach a salinity level of 34–35 PSU.

To look after your sealife in the best way possible, we recommend that you change approx. 5–10% of the total volume of the aquarium every week with Professional Sea Salt.

Additional information

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