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Balling Light Starter Kit

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Easily control your most important water parameters!

Our Balling Light Set includes essential components to provide corals with macro minerals and trace elements. It is compatible with any kind of saltwater aquarium; SPS, LPS, Mixed, etc.

Ready for immediate use

The Fauna Marin Balling Light starter set is perfect for beginners because it allows them to easily adjust and stabilize important water parameters. It is a simplistic and modernized approach to supplying aquariums with Calcium, Magnesium, Alkalinity, and all essential trace elements.

  • Complete Balling-Light Start set includes FREE access to Aquacalculator
  • Ideal and comprehensive supply-based system; dosing based on the actual consumption of YOUR aquarium
  • Compatible with all types of filtration methods such as the Fauna Marin Zeo-Light System
  • Contains high-purity special salts and perfect balance of micro and trace element mixtures for the perfect reef aquarium
  • Quality controlled by Fauna Marin Seawater Research Lab scientists
  • Promotes stable water parameters for healthy coral growth and long-term aquarium stability
FM Balling Light Set Includes
  • 2x 1kg Calcium Mix
  • 2x 1kg Magnesium Mix
  • 1x 1kg Carbonate Mix
  • 1x 250ml Trace B Elements Color and Grow
  • 1x 250ml Trace B Elements Metabolic
  • 1x 250ml Trace B Elements Health
  • 3x 5 Liter canisters w/ outlet tap
  • 3x Connection hoses
  • 1x ID Code for free online access to
For more information, please see our Balling Light Manual