New Product: Bakto Reef Balls


New from Fauna Marin

Over the course of Macna San Diego, we debuted new Fauna Marin products. The response to these new additions have been nothing short of amazing. Since then, we have continued to receive waves of inquiries and questions on product availability. We cannot thank our customers enough for their ongoing support and loyalty to our brand. Your support have made these new product releases possible.

We are proud to present our newest product – Bacto Reef Balls

Bacto Reef Balls: Time-released Nutrient Control

Bacto Reef Balls is the first bacteria-based product to feature time-release technology in a small sphere. Both bacteria and carrier material are 100% reef safe and promote a healthy and natural aquarium. As soon as the bacteria are introduced into the aquarium, the bacteria begins its task and reduces nitrogen and phosphates. Bacto Reef Balls offer the advantages of daily bacteria dosing without the need for multiple doses per week.

Specially Developed Carrier Material

Thanks to the unique composition of our carrier material, a steady supply of diverse bacteria cultures and enzymes can to be added to the aquarium. Our carrier material has been specially developed for saltwater aquariums and will not cause uncontrolled nutrient fluctuations. Other materials such as normal gel behaves as an additional carbon source and thus dissolves faster and makes controlled delivery impossible.

Bacteria Dosing Made Easy

Bacto Reef Balls are super easy to use. Simply place the necessary amount of Reef Balls into your filter and replace every 2 weeks when the original sphere is dissolved. Our seawater stable polymer matrix allows bacteria to be slowly added into the aquarium. A steady supply of beneficial bacteria removes the need for daily dosing and unwanted dosage peaks.

Bacto Reef Balls: Benefits

Crystal clear, healthy water
Simplifies nutrient control; reduces Nitrogen and Phosphates
Reduces unwanted algae growth
Removes organic waste products
Increases skimmer efficiency and reduces cleaning intervals
Eliminates bacterial blooms and detritus build-up
Supports natural bacterial flora
Provides cost-effective and efficient means of nutrient control
Unique depot effect: Allows for a single dose to be good for 2 weeks
Easy to follow, low maintenance dosage schedule

Available in 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml sizes