Meet Fauna Marin’s Bacto Series Lineup

Meet the Fauna Marin Bacto Series Lineup

Maintaining healthy bacteria levels are one of the requirements to maintaining a successful aquarium. Not having enough “good” bacteria creates an environment where it becomes difficult to control nutrient related parameters such as Nitrates. Lack of beneficial bacteria can also result in water clarity issues, slight water odor, limited coral growth, and more.

Our lineup of Bacto products make it easier than ever to maintain a clean, healthy aquarium. From cycling a new tank to maintaining healthy bacteria levels, Bacto series provides various options to best fit your individual needs.

We present to you, our newly designed Bacto series bacteria products!

Bacto Blend: All-in one Bacteria Blend

Bakto Blend contains a mix of halophilic and phototrophic bacteria. It was designed for cycling new aquariums and is also helpful for maintaining established tanks. This special mix of bacteria creates a healthier environment by greatly improving skimmer performance and increasing nutrient export efficiency. It helps to break down organic build-up on live rocks and other surfaces. Unlike similar products, Bakto Blend does not have any foul odor, thanks to our unique preparation method. Bakto Blend is suitable to use continuously as a standalone product or alongside Bakto Therapie.

Bacto Therapie: Nutrient Reducer

Bakto Therapie contains a mix of halophilic and probiotic bacteria. It was designed to help aquarists combat various issues relating to pathogens and unwanted compounds which can lead to declining coral and fish health. This special mix of bacteria reduces pathogens and promotes fish and coral recovery and continued good health.

Bacto Reef Balls: Time-released Nutrient Control

BRB is the newest addition to our Bacto series. It is the first bacteria-based product to feature time-release technology in a small sphere. Both the bacteria and carrier material are 100% reef safe and promote a healthy and natural aquarium. The moment the bacteria is introduced into the aquarium, the bacteria begins its task and reduces nitrogen and phosphates. Bacto Reef Balls offer the advantages of daily bacteria dosing without the need for multiple doses per week.

Which Bacto product is best for you?

For those who wish to supply bacteria via a doser or manually, Bacto Blend and Bacto Therapie are the perfect match.

For those looking to a low-maintenance solution to bacteria dosing, Bacto Reef Balls is the way to go.

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