Is Your Tank Balling?

Fauna Marin Balling Light

Coral health is dependent on a multitude of variables. When it comes to growth and color, the quality of food and purity of supplements you provide your reef all matters!

Today we’re putting the spotlight on one of our most prominent lineup of products. We’re talking about the Balling Light System!

What is the Balling Light System?

The Balling Light System is a modernized method for supplementing your aquarium with Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, and Trace Elements. The high purity salts and trace elements that make up this system, ensure that your corals are supplied with a clean source of essential elements.

What makes this different from other 2-part systems?

Balling Light System is a completely self-contained system which can be used in conjunction with all types of filtration systems.

The system consists of 6 products: 3x Balling Salts and 3x Trace B elements

When used together, your aquarium is supplied with specially selected trace elements which create a baseline for improved coral growth and coloration. Balling Light is easy and safe to use and helps provide stable Ca, Alk, and Mg levels via a dosing pump or manual dosing. The salts also include Bio-polymers which help with the reduction unwanted elements via the skimmer.

Why the Ca, Alk, and Mag Supply Method Matters

Not all supply methods are made the same. Sure, they may all add Ca, Alk, and Mag to your aquarium, but at what cost?

More and more aquarists around the globe search for ways to effectively supply their aquarium with these essential elements in a manner that yields the best possible results with minimal effort. Aquariums that are dosed with fixed supply solutions have the tendency to accumulate nutrient and trace element deposits in a short amount of time. As these deposits accumulate, coral color control becomes increasingly difficult. If these deposits rise to a level of toxicity, browning and tissue die-off can occur.

Balling Light System: Ca, Alk, Mag without the Risk

Our Balling Light System takes a different approach to the essential element supply method by using a consumption-oriented method. This method considers the fact that the rate of consumption in the aquarium fluctuates on a daily basis and varies based on the species.

The Balling Light System is the only fully-consumable supply system that can be constantly adapted to each individual main value.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality holds true for every product we develop. With the Balling Light System, it’s no different. Our salts and trace elements undergo rigorous testing to ensure that your corals are supplied with the cleanest, most pure supplements available. Each batch must pass our Seawater Research Lab test standards before clearing quality testing.

Available for Purchase at your Preferred Dealer

Our Balling Light System is available for purchase at your preferred Fauna Marin Dealer or direct from Fauna Marin USA.