FM Product Spotlight: Zeo-Light System

Fauna Marin Zeo-Light System

Ultimate Growth and Color for your Reef

Are you ready to take your tank to the next level?

Fauna Marin Zeo-Light System is a modernized filtration system that takes on a simplistic approach to nutrient reduction and coral health management. A few years ago, it took countless products and daily dosing to get desireable results. With the Zeo-Light System, daily dosing requirements are a thing of the past.

With only a few products, the Zeo-Light System can reduce nutrients in your aquarium and create the conditions necessary for your corals to not only survive, but thrive.

Zeo-Light System benefits all reef inhabitants and is effective and user friendly.

Achieve strong coloration and growth without the daily dosage requirements of similar products.

Improved color, growth, and polyp extension.

Dosing 2x per week is all it takes.

What makes our approach different from other ULNS methods?

Unlike other methods which rely on bacteria to reduce nutrients, the Zeo-Light System accomplishes this same task by stimulating coral feeding habits and breaking down unwanted trace elements. By breaking down these and other unwanted compounds, the corals gain an additional food source which promotes increased coloration and growth rates. Any excess is then removed by the skimmer.

Such environment makes it easier for coral to show their natural colors and grow without the limiting factor of unwanted compounds and toxins.

What products make up the Zeo-Light System?

Color Elements
Reef Vitality
Coral Balance
Ultra Min S
Ultra Carb L

Do you know what you're putting in your reef?

Here at Fauna Marin, we believe in transparency. We do not hide what is in our products. Our ingredients list is always printed on our bottles so that you know exactly what you're putting in your tank!

Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality holds true for every product we develop. With the Zeo-Light System, it's no different. Our complete lineup of products undergo rigorous testing to ensure that your corals are supplied with the highest quality supplements available. Before each batch is deemed ready to sell, it must pass our Seawater Research Lab test standards. These tests ensure that you receive a consistent product, from one batch to the next.

Available at your Preferred FM Dealer

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