FM Product Spotlight: Ultra Clam

Fauna Marin Product Spotlight

In this edition of Fauna Marin product spotlight, we are going to shine the light on a product that has been widely used by aquatic farmers worldwide. This is a product that was developed specifically for the well-being of a certain type of invertebrate. It’s colorful, has a shell, does not move, and is simply stunning at all angles!

What invert are we talking about? Tridacna clams!

As beautiful as they are, they too need proper nutrition to maintain their vibrancy and continued health. With Fauna Marin Ultra Clam you can provide your clams with the nutrition they need!

Ultra Clam: 100% Natural Ingredients for Clams

Providing a quality source of nutrition is paramount to a clam’s survival. Ultra Clam is a fine powdered food for Tridacna clams, Lima sp., and other species and filter feeders. Our product provides key ingredients such as microalgae, plankton, and organic polymers to improve and maintain the health of these delicate species.

Clam farms, aquaculture facilities, and hobbyists alike use Ultra Clam to farm and raise baby and adult clams. The quality nutrition provided to these clams ensure proper shell and mantle development throughout all stages of their life.

Perfect for Mixing with Other FM Foods

Ultra Clam is a truly versatile product. It can be mixed with our other foods and made into a paste for feeding other photosynthetic corals, gorgonians, sponges, dendronephthya, sea squirts, and NPS coral.

  • Perfectly mixes with Ultra Min D for creating a super concentrated paste of essential nutrients
  • Mixable with Ultra Min D, Ultra Pac, Ultra Min F

Ultra Clam: Benefits

  • Improves mantle coloration
  • Increases growth rates
  • Increases tissue repair rate
  • Compatible with all types of filter feeders
  • Perfect for growing baby clams under 3″

Available in 100ml and 250ml sizes

Available at Your Preferred FM Dealer

Give your clams a boost in their health by feeding Ultra Clam!

Now available at your preferred Fauna Marin dealer and now available for ordering through our online shop.