GHL has been developing and producing High-End products for the aquarium industry since 1998. Established in Germany, they have always searched for ways to improve the aquarist’s experience by releasing products that simply make the hobby more enjoyable.

They are well known in the aquarium industry as being the global market leaders for product reliability and quality. The company has been awarded:

  • 2013 Innovation Award “Success 2013” from the Minister for Economic Affairs Eveline Lemke
  • 2010 Product of the Year Award from Zoo Zajac, the largest pet shop in the world
  • 2005 Innovation Award “Success 2005” from Economics Minister Arthur Bauckhage

Their continued innovation have led to the release of products such as the Profilux aquarium computer, Mitras LX LED illumination, and the Doser 2 automated dosing system.

Reliability and Safety: The Top Priority

Reliability and safety are always at the top of the list for GHL. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that every piece passes their high-standards of quality and lasts the test of time.



GHL products are versatile and can be used for many purposes such as aquariums, terrariums, ponds, or research labs. The company is well recognized throughout Europe as the go-to brand for versatility and options.


Customer Oriented

GHL is ready to grow with the hobbyist’s needs by listening to their wishes; no suggestion ever goes unnoticed.


It’s the Details that Count

GHL understands the time and effort required to build a beautiful aquarium. All their developers are enthusiastic aquarists with many years of experience in the hobby and understand the needs of the modern aquarist. They know that no detail should ever be overlooked during product and software development. Your time, effort, and money is an investment in your aquarium, protect it with GHL.


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