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Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Fauna Marin products: Balling Light salts, sea salt, coral supplements, foods, and more.


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Zeo-Light Method FAQs

The Zeo-Light System is a zeolight-based filtration method used for reducing nutrients in saltwater aquariums. This system creates an environment similar to what is found in nature’s reefs by stimulating coral growth response rather than relying on bacteria-based products. By creating such environment, corals can display their natural colors and experience increased growth and overall health.

   Our system is maintenance friendly and requires dosing only twice per week unlike other methods which require a high degree of monitoring and control with countless products.

Instructions and additional information on the Zeo-Light System can be found here:

The Zeo-Light System is different from the rest. Our system does not rely on a bacteria-based product to produce results. The roles of each product is as follows:

Filters water by improving water clarity, removing traces of NH3/4, and provides a place for bacteria to colonize. When the media is stirred, the bio-film is released from the media and is consumed by the coral.

Reef Vitality
Responsible for breaking down excess nutrients and organics in the water which is then consumed by the corals in addition to what they are already feeding. By being able to breakdown these nutrients, the skimmer will also perform better and further improve nutrient reduction. Rather than relying on the bacteria to consume the nutrients, our method uses the corals to perform this same task. As a result, your reef undergoes nutrient reduction and coral growth greatly increases.

Coral Balance
Responsible for stabilizing the nutrient cycle. It will reduce the amount of harmful trace elements and deposits which limit coral growth and coloration, all while providing phosphate control. This product breaks down those elements and deposits enough so that the skimmer easily removes it from the system.

The combination of Reef Vitality and Coral Balance will target Nitrate and Phosphate to ultimately provide highly efficient means of overall nutrient reduction and greatly improved coral coloration.

Color Elements
Specially formulated trace elements contained within 3 separate bottles for SPS/LPS coral. Each bottle contains trace elements in the correct proportions which promote more vibrant coral colors to give the coral tissue a shiny metallic appearance. One bottle focuses on blues, another on greens, and another on red colors.

Ultra Min S
All around food for various types of coral. Also contains vitamins which improve coral growth and polyp extension.


Adding a bacteria-based product such as Bacto Reef Balls, Bacto Blend, Bacto Therapie, OR Bacto Blend/Therapie combo will help achieve stronger nutrient control and improved water clarity.

Yes, you are free to use another brand’s zeolite media. Keep in mind however, that our zeolite is carefully selected to work best with our complete system.

Zeo-Light and Balling Light systems are two separate systems which serve their own purpose and can be used together without issues. The Zeo-Light system focuses on reducing nutrient levels to near natural saltwater levels which promote a healthy environment for all aquarium inhabitants to grow and thrive.The Balling Light system focuses on supplementing your corals with calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and essential trace elements used for improving and maintaining coral growth and vitality.

It is best to taper off your Vodka dosages before starting the Zeo-Light system. Doing so will lessen the risk of shocking your aquarium inhabitants. Once vodka dosages are minimal, you may begin the Zeo-Light system. During the transition from Vodka to Zeo-Light, it is normal to see nutrients slightly climb. This is temporary and will subside once adequate dosages have been found.

We are firm believers in providing corals with high quality nutrition. We have realized that other ULNS methods, as effective as they are, turn out to be very time consuming. Reefers who implement such method must have many bottles lined up and be ready to dose on a daily basis.
For this reason, we created the Zeo-Light method. Our approach is a more simplistic ULNS method which yields superior results with only 2x/week dosages and reduced bottle count. All our products are results from over 20 years of experience in coral research and requirements. We do not produce toxic chemicals which alter the appearance of coral, only products derived from nature’s reefs are found here.

While running the Zeo-Light system, we recommend you maintain the following parameters within these specific ranges:

Calcium 380 – 420 ppm
Alkalinity 6.5 – 8 DKH
Magnesium 1200 – 1350 ppm
Salinity 33 – 35 ppt

Balling Light FAQs

The Balling Light System is an extremely easy method for supplementing your reef with Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, and Trace Elements. These products (Ca, Alk, Mg) are each available in 1kg and 4kg tubs of salts. (Salts is the term used to identify the Balling Light mixes)

Batches are prepared by simply using three separate dosing containers, adding each salt-mix to their dedicated dosing container, and mixing with RO water.

These salts are produced to pharmaceutical standards to ensure that your corals get only the purest form of supplement possible. Our salts also include pH buffers, special minerals which significantly increase parameter stability, and additional bioactive stabilizers.

Instructions and additional information on the Balling Light System can be found here:

Yes, you can dose each Ca, Alk, and Mg supplement manually as long as the dosages are at least 10 minutes apart from each other.

Although Trace B elements are not required, we do recommend you use them in conjunction with the Balling Salts so you can see the best results.

This can happen if the water used for mixing was not warm enough. Heat up the water and shake the solution again. You can also add some more RO water to the dosing container and add more of the supplement to compensate for the slight dilution.

Balling Light salts are part of a complete Ca, Alk, Mg supplement system. Ultra Easy supplements can be used to compensate for levels that need a slight bump or used as a standalone supplement. Ultra Easy supplements can be very helpful for those running Calcium reactors. Instead of adjusting bubble count, effluent drip, etc, an Ultra Easy supplement can be added to the aquarium. Easy!

Zeolight and Balling Light systems are two separate systems which serve their own purpose and can be used together without issues. The Zeolight system focuses on reducing nutrient levels to near natural saltwater levels which promote a healthy environment for all aquarium inhabitants to grow and thrive.The Balling Light system focuses on supplementing your corals with calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and essential trace elements used for improving and maintaining coral growth and vitality.

General FAQs

Yes, we offer different ways to provide these supplements to your corals. The most complete option is to begin using the Balling Light Method. Alternatively, we also offer our Ultra Easy line of supplements.

Any of our liquid based products can be put to use on a dosing pump. As long as the dosing unit is capable of dosing the necessary amounts, it is safe to use this piece of equipment. We use and recommend GHL Doser 2 dosing units for its 0.1ml accuracy and reliability.

We do not recommend doing this as it will render the product ineffective. It is best to dedicate one dosing pump for each product. Manual dosages are also an option.

Trace B Elements are part of the Balling Light Method, a method used for supplementing your reef with Calcium, Alkalinity, Magnesium, and Trace elements. Trace B elements are added directly to the supplement containers and not the tank. It provides corals with a steady supply of the basic trace elements needed for proper health and coloration.

    Color Elements are specially selected trace elements that allow you to improve specific colors on LPS and SPS. This 3-bottle set is added directly to the tank either manually or on a dosing pump. Best results show when used on a low nutrient tank.

Yes, using both are completely safe and will not cause an overdose of trace elements due to overlapping. Trace B provides the basic elements and Color Elements provides the color tweaking ability.

Food Product Based FAQs

For the most part, photosynthetic corals will receive the bulk of their nutrition from the aquarium light and water column. To give them an extra boost, we recommend you add either, Ultra Organic, Ultra Min F, Ultra Min S, Ricordea/Zoanthis Food, or a combination of these products. You may also start with one product and slowly add to the combo as necessary. Doing so, will provide your corals with a more well-rounded line of nutrition in addition to the aquarium lighting.

We recommend SPS and/or LPS tanks start with Color Elements 3-bottle set. These will provide your corals with necessary trace elements that improve certain coral colors. If you wish to take it a step further, you can also include Reef Vitality which will greatly boost growth, coloration, and even reduce nutrients. For best results, we recommend starting the Zeo-Light System.

Reef Vitality is responsible for reducing nutrients by allowing corals to become more efficient in consuming food. For example, if a coral consumes (X) amount of food and normally utilizes 60% of it as usable energy for growth, Reef Vitality stimulates the corals and helps them utilize more than 60%. This extra amount of consumed food is what helps increase growth, coloration, and polyp extension. All while, reducing your nutrients. Please see our Reef Vitality product page for more information.

Coral Balance is a water conditioner that reduces unwanted trace elements known to cause color loss and reduced growth. It is formulated to stabilize nutrient cycles by permanently reducing PO4 levels. Please see our Coral Balance product page for more information.

RV and CB are two different products which handle nutrients in their own special way. :)

The biopolymers found in each of these products are different and are each used for reducing nutrients and acting as food carrying material for corals. The biopolymers we use can be found in natural seawater, playing a part in the Nitrogen cycle, aimed to attract the different kinds of bacteria involved in the cycle.

Explaining how these products do what they do can get pretty tricky as the whole process involves a system of direct and indirect consumption of nutrients and unwanted elements through the use of the existing bacteria and coral.

Here’s the gist of how these biopolymers play a role nutrient reduction and coral feeding:

When you add RV and CB to the tank, the biopolymers in each product begin to attract the various strains of bacteria found in your reef. Shortly after the product is added, the bacteria begins to make an attempt to break down the biopolymer. Since these biopolymers have a long molecular structure, it cannot be easily broken down without the help of many different types of bacteria strains. As this process happens, the corals may respond by initiating a feeding response such as what one may see shortly after CB is added.

As the biopolymer attracts the bacteria, it is also attracting nutrients. When the bacteria breaks down the biopolymer, it becomes an additional food source for the coral because it is more readily accessible for consumption and removal by the skimmer. These corals then consume both the biopolymer,bacteria, and other organics in excess thus resulting in lowered nutrients and healthier coral.

  • CB has biopolymers that aid in the reduction of unwanted trace elements and PO4. There is no GFO or other kind of media responsible for PO4 reduction in this product. It is handled in-part by the process mentioned above.
  • RV includes biopolymers which aid in the reduction of overall nutrients, especially NO3.

We do not recommend dosing Vodka while also dosing Reef Vitality. Before starting, please taper off your Vodka dosages until your dose is minimal, then begin Reef Vitality.

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