Zeo-Light is a specially selected type of Zeolite which reduces nutrient concentrations in marine aquaria. This Zeolite provides nitrate and ammonium-reducing bacteria with an ideal environment. By using a composition of different Zeolites, carefully selected for their specific physical and chemical properties, this filter medium will reduce nutrient concentrations fast and effectively.

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Zeo-Light is a multi-purpose zeolite filter media that aids in the removal of Ammonia and Ammonium from the water by binding it to its mineral structure. The super porous surface area of our zeolite media allows for beneficial bacteria to colonize and provide a stable count in the aquarium. Trace elements are also removed by this media and can be replenished with beneficial elements found in our Color Elements set.

How to use

For preparation, wash the zeolite mix under tap water or use reverse-osmosis water and subsequently give the material a 24 h bath in tap water. After this preconditioning the zeolite mix is ready.

As a basic dosage apply 1000 g Zeolith mix to 1000 L (260 US gal lqd) aquarium net volume. Make sure you determine your net aquarium volume as exactly as possible.

Use the zeolite mix in a zeolite filter unit or in our automatic zeolite filter Zeomatic 2. The automatic cleaning process of Zeomatic 2 makes it easy to maintain a high level of filter function. Without automated purgation the zeolite mix requires cleaning in a 2 day interval. 75% of the zeolite gravel needs tobe replaced after 4 weeks (do not exchange the zeolite and UltraCarb L activated carbon on the same day, but use a14 day shift as a routine in changing both types of filter media).

Feel free to use any zeolite mix which is declared to be suitable for marine aquaria. However, we recommend to apply a zeolite from a producer with designated experience in the marine aquarium business, since several zeolite mixes for fresh water or pond filtration are unsuitable for marine aquaria and potentially have a harmful effect.

Dosage recommendation
  • 1000 g of Zeolight-mix per 1000 L (260 US gal) of net aquarium water
For more information on the Zeo-Light Method, please visit these pages

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